Natural Orange Oil technology, which is very unique, is the major strength of Polo Citrus Australia.

Polo Citrus Australia has been effectively reducing dust emissions and exposure both to the environment and personnel since 1990. Significant water savings can also be achieved when using Polo Citrus Australia products. We are a major key supplier to the extractive and mining industries in the prevention of airborne dust emissions from a large variety of extractive processes.

The design of specific turn key solutions for individual sites is where Polo Citrus Australia continue to have major success whilst driving down cost per tonne. We have a strong focus on the occupational health and safety issues related to dust emissions and exposure with a view to future and current environmental concerns in regards to water reductions on sites. We also have a range of products suitable for underground mines where respiratory dust is a major issue and concern, reducing dust emissions between 80-90% is not uncommon.

Polo Citrus Australia complete their portfolio of products with industrial cleaning products and food service cleaning products. We currently supply the food service market, semi retail and retail markets with orange oil based cleaning products as well as conventional cleaning products. We supply a range of cleaning products that are environmentally and ecologically aware; we also strive to ensure our products are easy and safe to use for the end user.

Through a continuous improvement and R&D process, Polo Citrus Australia strives to provide products that are safe to use; for the user and the environment. Our dust suppression products are specifically built for maximum efficiency and our industrial detergents are chemically adequate to provide a cleaning solution for all applications.

Polo Citrus Australia have always strived to be The Natural Solution and now by adding even more value, they are the Key to a Cleaner Environment.

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